Obtaining the Right Items to Resell Within Your Budget

Obtaining the Right Items to Resell Within Your Budget – SkyBlue’s Maple Merchanting Guide Step 2

Maple Story is an online MMORPG game from Nexon. This simple guide is a part of my How to Make Maple Story Mesos Quick, Fast, and Easy. This guide will walk you through the basic steps of determining the right items to buy and resell for profit.

Anything that are in demand by other players are potentially profitable if you can manage to resell them at a profit. However, you should always make sure that you buy the items at the lower range so that you can resell them at a profit. Each server has slightly different economies and you need to observe your current market conditions to determine which ones are the most profitable.

You typically want to be able to turn over your items at a profit. With additional mesos that you have as asset, you can in term buy more expensive items that can potentially generate more income. However, it should be noted that as your holdings become more expensive, you might have harder time resell them. So it is a good idea to keep a balanced mixed if you are tight on money to get the mesos flowing.

The following is a rough guide on your ability to buy and resell the items based on your assets. You should always buy the items at a cheaper price then sell them at a premium. You could consider traveling to the maps where monsters drop them and see if you can buy them off other players directly.

When You Have Less than 500k Mesos:
Save money at this stage by either leveling with clerics to save pot money. Do Eos scroll and Orbis scroll quests. Collect leathers to make work gloves.

When You Have 500k-1 mil Mesos:
At this stage you can start reselling items for profit. However, you should only go for cheaper items that can be sold fairly quickly at a profit. These items include:

Cheap DEF/M.DEF scrolls
People usually sell off their LMPQ scrolls in Ludi very cheaply. You can buy a few by going through the channels. Remember to haggle and be friendly to lower your cost. You can then sell them at a little profit in your shops.

Clean work gloves from leathers.
Snowshoes from El Nath for 28k-30k at the armor shop and resell for more in FM.

Misc items such as Magic rocks and summoning rocks, Ancient Tree Sap and Drake's Blood, and finally exchange quest items.

Ores and plates/jewels
It should be noted that the jewels and plates often cost less than the ores themselves.

When You Have 1 mil – 2 mil Mesos:
Mid level stars such as icys and kumbis.
Eos and Orbis Scrolls.

Diamonds and dark crystal ores. You could also consider making moon and star rocks which can be made from Arwen in Ellinia. You can sometimes make more money by selling the moon and star rocks.

Dead Mine scrolls.

Buy Cheap 10% overall dex scrolls from Kerning City PQ area.

When You Have 3 mil-5 mil Mesos:
Higher end stars become a good choice such as Tobis.

Research and observe which kind of equipment drops are above average. If you are keen with the different stats, you can make good profit of those equipments.

Buy scrolls off people who go to LPQ at 101th floor of the Eos Tower.

When You Have 5 mil – 10 mil Mesos:
Some more rare equips and items are good for reselling for meso: Red Whips, Blue Sauna Robe, and Onyx Apples

At this stage you should have enough experience to understand which scrolled items are good and which are not. With patience and diligence you can buy cheaper bad scrolled items and wait for them to be resold.

Higher end scrolls are also good such as glove, claw, 2-handed sword, and dagger attack scrolls.

When You Have 20 mil – 30 mil Mesos:
At this stage the items that you want to resell become a bit more high-end. You really need to be patient and be knowledgeable of the market in order to make great meso income.

High end scrolls, however you should really observe to buy them at low end or you might lose money.
High end stars such as Steelies and Ilibis.

Great scrolled equipments.

When You Have 50 mil+ Mesos:
Now with all the money that you have, you could consider reselling godly equipments. However, at this tier, you need to be very careful of the market condition and your equipment selection. If you are not careful, a majority of your mesos will be dead locked in items that cannot be sold, or you may sell things at a loss.

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