Obtaining Maple Story Shop Permit and Placing Your Shop

Obtaining Maple Story Shop Permit and Placing Your Shop – SkyBlue’s Maple Merchanting Guide Step 1

Maple Story is an online MMORPG game from Nexon. This simple guide is a part of my How to Make Maple Story Mesos Quick, Fast, and Easy. This guide will walk you through the basic steps of obtaining a shop permit and start your first Maple Story Shop.

Store Permit is essential for you to make mesos in the world of Maple Story. With store permits, you are allowed to create your own stores in the Maple Story Free Market section. Without the Maple Storey store permits, you would have to physically spam your “Sell” messages in the world chat which is both a slow and painful process. Below are some of the options for you to get and use the Maple story store permits:

1.Obtain Nexon Cash
You need to have some nexon cash to obtain the store permits via the Maple Story cash shop. You could either obtain this by either spending real money or trade in-game items for them via the MTS.

2. Determine the Type of Store Permit
There are several different types of shop permits. Below are the two worthwhile ones that you should consider using for your shop:

3. Regular Shop Permit
This permit costs you 1.8k NX and gives you 16 slots to sell. You need to physically log in and on the map in order to use this type of permits. These are great for beginner merchants because it is cheaper to get started and it allows you more time to restock your items. However, as you progress through the game and increase the amount of your mesos assset, you should think about spending more NX to obtain the mushroom house.

4. Mushroom House Shop Permit
These type of permits allow you to physically keep a shop open at all times even if you log off your character or exit the maps. These permits are necessary if you DC quite often and do not want to deal with the hassle of keeping good merchanting spaces. It should be noted that these permits are more costly than the regular ones, however these store permits are definitely worth the money if merchanting is your major focus. You should have many items that you continuously want to sell if you want to excel at merchanting.

It should be noted that these stores close on itself after 24 hours so you need to reset it daily to keep it open.

5. Getting Good Merchanting Spots / FM Shop Placement
Getting a noticeable spot that people often visit is essential. A successful shop is a visibile one which will make you lots of mesos. What you want is to obtain a spot in FM 1 or 2 if possible. Sometimes it is hard to get a good spot so you need to patiently wait for one. Often, investing in a mushroom house is a good idea because that helps you keep the spots that you patiently waited for.
Stake out in FM1 or 2 until a spot opens up and grab it. You could also wait for the patch/maintenance to be over. Log in as soon as the server is up. You can then grab the best spots by acting fast and quickly. With great spots and higher visibility, you can make more mesos by pricing your Maple Story items at a premium.

Remember that as a merchant, you are simply providing a service for the other players to get the items they want. You make profit by charging a “commission” for the work of obtaining those items.

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