How to Make Maple Story Mesos Quick, Fast, and Easy – Introduction

How to Make Maple Story Mesos Quick, Fast, and Easy – Introduction

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How to Make Maple Story Mesos Quick, Fast, and Easy – Introduction
Maple Story is an online MMORPG game from Nexon. This simple guide will lay out a couple of ways to make in-game mesos fast, quick, and easy. Even though none of these methods offer instant gold gain.

There are many methods of making the Maple Story Mesos. By incorporating some or most of these methods, you have the potential to make lots of mesos quick, fast, and easy. With this guide I will explain in detail the different methods for you to get rich with mesos. This guide will break down the sections into different meso making categories. Each subcategory will then link to different posts that explain the different methods in better details.

This guide is a work in progress and I will continue to add updates to it as I see fit. I hope this guide will be able to help any players make lots of mesos in the world of Maple Story! Click into each individual subcategories to learn more about the different methods of meso earning.

1. Party Quest
Party Questing is a great way to earn money. By joining parties, you can tear through the PQ’s fast even if your character is relatively weaker than your peers. The party quests avaiable at different levels can reward you with valuable scrolls that can sell for lots of profits in mesos. Generally speaking, the higher level and harder the PQ’s are, the more valuable the PQ rewards that you can get due to simple supply and demand. The profit that you make through PQ’s typically can cover all of your pots costs and can prove to be a significant source of mesos income.

2. Quests
The different quests offered in Maple story also play a major part on earning mesos. Some of the quests also reward you with valuable scrolls that can be sold for significant amount of money. You should consistently check what quests are available for you at your level and complete them accordingly. Quests can both generate some additional EXP and grant you mesos.

3. Scrolling
Scrolling is the main upgrade system of Maple Story. You upgrade your gears via scrolls that give them additional stats. Because the scrolling process is purely chance related. If you can successfully scroll good gears with 10% scrolls in highly demanded stats, you can potentially make bundles of money within a short period of time. However, you might also lose majorly if you decide to buy scrolls in mass and scroll them. You should evaluate the risks and rewards associated with this process in order to make money and not lose.

4. Merchant
Merchanting is like creating a business of your own in game. It is the common way to make money or in this case mesos. You seek opportunities to make money by buying low from players and resell it back to others for profit. For a general guide that applies to all MMORPG’s, check out Trade to Riches In Any MMORPG. To view specific tips that can apply to your Maple Story Meso making, view SkyBlue’s Meso Merchanting Guide. The most common items that you could exploit for huge profit are scrolls and stars because some players do not know the market price and that creates profit opportunity for you.

Step 1: Obtaining Maple Story Shop Permit and Placing Your Shop

5. Grinding/Training
This is the most common way to earn money. At mid and higher levels, grinding is somewhat a major part of game play. You continuously leveling up on a specific monsters until you have advanced to the next level. Pick monsters that best suit your ability and drop decent items that can be sold for good mesos. The mob that you can train include mobs that drop highly demanded scrolls and equipments. Read this section for additional tips that can aid your meso making during your grinding sessions.

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