Trade to Money and Profit in Online MMORPG – SkyBlue’s Online Game Trading Guide – Table of Content

Trade to Money and Profit in Online MMORPG – SkyBlue’s Online Game Trading Guide – Table of Content

This guide is written by a veteran pro online player who has had over 10 years of online MMO experience, who has become the top tier player in all of his games played. These are time tested theories and money trading methods that will work with any online MMORPG. It should be noted that this guide will only teach you how to trade to make in-game currencies and NOT real world money (Cash). By reading through and following the concepts laid out in this guide, you will become richer and more powerful in the online game of your choice.

To excel and profit from your online venture, you need to have a good understanding of the game of your choice. You need to understand the market forces lying under the game. You need to understand both the market players and the gaming publishing companies. You need to understand the game mechanics and player sentiments toward specific classes.

It takes lots of work and research and is by no means an easy way to achieve great wealth in your game. You may use many methods that are relevant to your game to maximize your profits. Some of these methods may not apply to you because of different game mechanics.

The basic core theme is to buy low and sell high. This guide will teach you and point out some of the more common ways and theories for you to cash in big with your trading in the online game. You can definitely alter these methods and change them to suit your in-game trading needs.

These methods still require you to make a lot of trial and errors to learn from your mistakes. You still need to work hard and conduct thorough research. These guidelines will help you to understand what to look for. Make a copy of these articles and follow them at all times. You will be the richest guy in your online game. I have broken down SkyBlue’s Game Trading Guide into 6 main sections. Each section has several branches that are divided into easy to view concepts.

Congratulations for taking the first step to learn how to become a better player, you will be richer and m more powerful compared to your fellow peers at your game. Good luck and become the master of your gaming universe.

Section 1: Natural Market Timing
The common market timing strategy for market changes which are often out of your control.

Concepts Discussed:
1. Optional Seasonal Promotion Items
2. Cash Shop Items or any form of in-game Cash currency trading
3. In-Game Events – First Stage (Crafting is used as example)
4. In-Game Events – Second Stage
5. Release of a new Major Update

Section 2: Game Server Progression and Level Cap
Profit as players and game world participants level up from the beginning and approach level cap.

Concepts Discussed:
1. Beginner’s Period
2. Mid-Game Stage – High End Gears
3. Mid-Game Stage – Upgrade Items and Mid-level gears
4. Level Capped Game Stage
5. Release of a new Major Update

Section 3: Trading Opportunities Throughout the Game Play
How to recognize good trading opportunities to make profit.

Concepts Discussed:
1. Understanding The Player’s Time Zone
2. Rarity, Uility, and Collector’s Mind
3. Remember where the Good Shops Are (Either by bot farmers or really good grinding players)
4. Wholesale Pricing from Players
5. Work to Collect Sets of Items and Profit
6. Sell Convenience at a Premium

Section 4: Predicting the Future
You can predict the future by using the information you can obtain. Profit from it!

Concepts Discussed:
1. New Maps
2. New Quests
3. Level Cap Raised
4. Game Mechanic Changes
5. Introduction of PvP
6. Additional Cash Shop Items

Trade to Money and Profit in Online MMORPG – SkyBlue’s Online Game Trading Guide
Table of Content

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