Magus Skill Analysis - Battle of the Immortals (BoI)

Complete Slayer Class Guide for high DPS - Battle of the Immortals (BoI)

Magus Skill Analysis - Battle of the Immortals (BoI)
This guide will provide a more detailed explanation of different skills for the Magus class. This guide should be used in conjunction with my Complete Magus Class Guide for Offensive AoE - Battle of the Immortals (BoI)

For the details on the cost and different skill effects visit my knol page at: Magus Skills Overview - Battle of the Immortals (BoI)

Level 1 Skills 

Description- After sizing up your target, you lash out at a weak point.
Pros:  This skill has a short cool down meaning that that this skill can achieve pretty good DPS at higher levels. Does not use a significant amount of MP.
Cons: None

Blades of Doom - XP Skill
Description- Unleash deadly blades in all directions.
Pros: This XP skill is extremely powerful in PvE which Often one shot kills everything on sight.
Cons: It can only be used whenever your XP bar is full so that it takes some time to activate it. It is not effective in PvP.

Level 10 Skills 
Arrow Blade
Description- Throw a poisonous blade at the target.
Pros: Good skill choice for PvP against magic-based players due to range and chance to silence. 
Cons: The silence will last only 5 seconds.  Even at the highest level, the chance of inflicting silence is still at a low 14%. 

Martial Training - Passive
Description- Your predatory nature has been refined by years of training. 
Pros: This is a must to max out ASAP. This affects your overall damage with both normal attacks and all skill attacks.  Because this skill boosts your damage on a percentage basis, the higher level you are the stronger this skill is.
Cons: None

Level 25 Skills 
Description- Release poison dust to temporarily blind the target and make it unable to attack.
Pros: This skill is especially useful in PvP against other strong melee classes. By skill level 10 the length of time the enemy is unable to attack more than doubles. 
Cons: Uses a considerable amount of MP.

Description- Dash towards the target and strike.
Pros: Works well on kiting players and those trying to run away in PVP. You could combo it with the skill Trap to buy yourself more time. Uses a fair amount of MP.
Cons: The entry damage is relatively low at only 60% of the max damage.  However it will reach 100% damage and higher once you level the skill past level 5. 

Grim Visage - Self Buff
Description- Become overpowered by the spirit of death,.
Pros: Greatly increases evasion and critical hit rate % every time you level up the skill. 
Cons: This skill has a very long cool down and the 15 sec buff rate is pretty low which does not increase with level up. 

Level 40 Skills 
Tusk Strike
Description- Instantly slash target twice.
Pros: Full Dexterity built Slayers benefit most from this powerful two-strike skill. There is a 50% bonus damage based off of dexterity. It is a major DPS skill which only uses fair amount of MP.
Cons: Low chance to reduce accuracy.  If you are not a full Dexterity build then you do a bit less damage.

Description- Ensnare the target, preventing movement and attacks.
Pros: This skill works great in PvP when used after "Lunge" to buy you some extra time. Most useful on magic based players and people who are escaping. The skill cooldown decreases and duration of stun increases as you level it. 
Cons: Costs a considerable amount of MP.

Description- an ancient technique that makes you vanish instantly from sight and increases movement 
Pros: This is useful for sneaking up on an opponent and catching someone trying to run away.  You can also use this skill to prevent yourself from dying. The duration and movement speed greatly increases with every skill level increase.
Cons: None.

Level 55 Skills 
Dodge- Passive
Description- You are so quick on your feet that even light has trouble hitting you. Increases evasion by a certain percentage.
Pros: A major part of the Slayer is the Evasion. This is also a skill that must be leveled up.  This skill starts as a 1% increase but ends with a 10% increase.  This is a huge bonus considering how much evade that the Slayer Class has originally. Be sure to get this maxed out.
Cons: None

Dark Torrent- Self-buff
Description- Increases magic resistance and movement speed for a set duration. This buff cannot be stacked with Obfuscate.
Pros: Does not cost any MP. Movement speed boost stays at a large 30% increase. Magic resistance increases with every skill level.
Cons: Cool down starts off a little long at 120 seconds.  However once you level it to max it will decrease to 30 seconds.

Level 70 Skills 
Storm Fury- Passive (Always active)
Description- Your blows fall upon your opponent like raindrops in a storm. Increases your attack rate.
Pros: The Slayers attack rate is very important in boosting your DPS. This is a must to level up as well.
Cons: None.

Crush- AoE!
Description- Instantly increases max physical attack to strike at most 7 targets around you. This is an area of effect skill.
Pros: Our only normal skill AoE so it is still pretty good.  Max physical attack boost greatly increases as this skill is leveled. Short cooldown at 20 seconds.
Cons: Uses a ton of MP. Only hits up to 7 targets.

Finesse- Passive (Always active)
Description- Learn to be more nimble and graceful increasing your dexterity.
Pros: A must to max for any build of the Slayer Class.  DEX affects your DPS skills, evasion, critical hit rate %, accuracy.  This is a must have skill for leveling up.
Cons: None.

Level 85 Skills 
Soul Burn
Description- Direct the void to consume the target's mana, draining mp and dealing damage equal to the amount of mp drained.
Pro:  At max level, this skill drains an insane amount of MP from another player.  This skill could be timed for after Lunge->Trap as long as the stun lands.
Cons: Uses a fair amount of MP. Cooldown is a bit long. 

Darkest Nightmare
Description- Allows the reaper to invade the enemy's dream, making them sleep for a set duration. It also reduces their physical defense by a set amount.
Pros: Ggood range, and the sleep/Def debuff duration starts off at 10 seconds then more than doubles at max level which is a pretty long time and large amount.
 Cons: Uses a ton of MP.

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