Dragonica Mission Modes Introduction for the Mission Map

Dragonica Mission Modes Introduction for the Mission Maps

This Dragonica guide will discuss the different Mission modes for the Dragonica ONline game. There are a few versions of Dragonica Online available for the different regions. This blog post might not apply to your version of dragonica.

Mission Maps
are separate individual maps or so called instances in other MMORPG games. These maps allow players to train, collect items, and advance through the story (Hero Quest) without the interference of other players.

Mission Maps are indicated by a lock image on the mini-map and can teleport you and your parties to instance dungeons.portals on the world map.

To have a basic understanding of which level ranges are good for you to attempt, you could visit SkyBlue's Leveling Guide 1-70 for Dragonica.

Mission Modes
3 Type of modes are currently available for the mission maps.
F1 to F4: Arcade Mode
F5: Hero Quest Mode
F6: Defense Mode

You could achieve different ranks from F through SSS by how well you do during the missions.  And based on these ranks, you can get various rewards.  You could visit Increase Your Rank in Mission Modes and Get Rewards in Dragonica Online.

F1 to F4: Arcade Mode
Only F1 of Arcade Mode will be opened when first encountering a Mission Portal. Players have to advance through F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, and finally will be able to unlock F6.

However, if you join a party with a party leader who has unlocked all modes already. You do not need to fulfill the completion requirement. However it should be noted that the level must be played in sequence for you to unlock the level for yourself. If you complete the level with the party in sequence, the completion will also unlock your advancing levels.

Purpose of Arcade Mode in Dragonica:
The Arcade Mode usually serves as grinding maps for players especially for F4. The series of the Arcade Mode are also needed to unlock the F5 and F6 dungeons.

In some versions of Dragonica, you can get different Set equipments from a specific F-level. However, with later patches, you can get all set equipments from F4.  You can view the complete list of equipment drops by visiting Armor Sets Drop Location Guide for Dragonica Online.

F5: Hero Quest Mode
This game mode for Dragonica Online can only be opened after finishing F1 through F4. You also need to have the corresponding Hero Quest.

Purpose of Hero Quest Mode in Dragonica:
These quests are necessary to be complete in Dragonica because they are required as a part of the 2nd and 3rd job change.

Many quests also require the F5 of a certain Mission Portals to be completed. Lastly, completing F5 is a requirement to open up F6 Defense mode.

F6: Defense Mode

This mode can only be entered after you finish the F5 Hero Quest Mode. You need an item called “Defense Order” of the matching Mission Portal to enter. The Defense Order can be earned by defeating the boss in F1 - F4 Arcade Mode.

Purpose of Defense Mode in Dragonica:
You can get unique rings that are not available anywhere else in the game. These rings are:
- Lunar ・Def & Mdef
- Stellar ・Hp & MP
- Solar ・Atk & Matk

These rings have multiple ranks.

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