Increase Your Rank in Mission Modes and Get Rewards in Dragonica Online

Increase Your Rank in Mission Modes and Get Rewards in Dragonica Online

Dragonica Online is a side scroller MMORPG which offers different versions depending on your region.  This Dragonica guide will discuss the ways to increase your Rank in mission modes of Dragonica Online game. There are a few versions of Dragonica Online available for the different regions. This blog post might not apply to your version of dragonica.

The ranking system in Dragonica Online only applies for the Arcade Mode of the Mission Maps. The ranks range from F to SSS depending on the scores that you get. It should be noted that everyone in the same party will share the same ranking scores.
SSS - 115 ~ 120
SS - 110 ~ 114
S - 90 ~ 109
A - 70 ~ 89
B - 60 ~ 69
C - 50 ~ 59
D - 40 ~ 49
E - 30 ~ 39
F - 0 ~ 29

These scores are determined from your "Sense" and "Ability" bars.

Sense Bar
You can increase your "Sense" bar by hitting any kinds of targets during the mission include mobs and map objects such as cages. It is calculated via how many hits you can land during a time frame. This means that fast attackers will not get extra bonuses to their Sense points.

Ability Bar
You can fill this gauge by successfully landing the following kind of attacks on the mobs. “Overhit!” “Counter” and “Back Attack!”

"Overhit": You can get this by overkilling the enemy which you deal the finishing blow exceeding 10~20% of the enemy's hp. Some skills can also create the Overkill effect such as Aerial Frenzy, AS, and Stormblade.

“Counter”: You can get this by finishing enemies with a skill.

“Back Attack": You can get this when you have two players together in a mission. When a mob has the attention on one of the player. The other player can land Back Attack when he attacks from the back of the enemy. Typically this is very helpful because you can increase your Ability Bar very fast by continuously landing Back Attack on boss monsters.

Rewards per Ranking in Mission Maps
Number of items you will depends on your rank when you complete the mission, all players who play in the mission can receive the rewards:
SSS - 4 items
SS - 3 items
S - 2 items
A - 2 items
B - 1 item
C - 1 item
D - 1 item
E - 0 item (No Gada Coin Usage)
F - 0 item (No Gada Coin Usage)

Type of Rewards
- Weapons
- Armors
- Accessories
- Gems
- Money Bags
- Set Equips (Important: In some advanced versions of Dragonica, Only F6 reward screen can contain set items. In some earlier versions, F1 to F4 set equips reward can still be obtained. Gada boxes however do contain Set Equips. You can view the complete list of equipment drops by visiting Armor Sets Drop Location Guide for Dragonica Online.

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