Choose Your Next MMORPG with 5 Key Points In Mind

Choose Your Next MMORPG with These Things In Mind

With more and more MMORPG that comes on the market on a rapid increasingly rate.  Choosing a good MMORPG becomes a quest in itself.  This guide will help you pick out a MMORPG that suits you.  Below are the 5 key points that you need to consider before pledging your life to the online game of your choice.

Your first impression with the game is one of the most important when you approach and research a new MMORPG to play.  If you hate the graphics, you should not touch the game at all.  Most MMORPG's require long hours of game play.  If you do not like the graphics, then most likely that you will not like the game, especially after staring into the same thing for over 100+ hours of game time.

You should research further into the game to see if the core of the game is what you are looking for.  Are you a leveling grinder which your only goal is to reach the Cap Level the first on the server then quit the game?  Or do you enjoy haunt the other players with your terror on the leveling and questing fields.  Do you like scrolling type of game play? Or click and hack.  Or do you enjoy moving around with the WASD kind of movement in a 3-D world?  You should pick a game play setting which you would enjoy.

The game play discussion can go a little deeper into the mechanics of the game, the class balance, the PVP system, the leveling system, quest system, pets system, and finally the social system.  Many MMORPG's offer slightly different versions of the above systems.  You should browse and research the specific game forums to learn more about these specific game play ideas before you start a new game.

Payment Type
MMORPG's have the following pricing models:  Pay retail price and get unlimited access, monthly charge, item mall, or completely free.  You need to decide how much are you willing to pay to play.  Typically if your goal is to be the top player on the server, retail price or monthly charge games might be better for you without breaking your wallet.  The majority of the Free 2 play games have come with item malls which can greatly offset the power balance of free play players compared to paying customers.

On another side of the game, if you have the real life resource as in money.  You should consider playing F2P games with item malls because you do get VIP treatments throughout the game.  The completely free games are usually bad and have low maintenance so you should look into that option deeply before you hop on that boat.

Population is a biggie nowadays in most of the MMORPG's.  Because there are so many MMORPG's on the market yet there are only so many players to play them.  If you decided to play a less popular game with no one on the server, you might be better off buying a retail game and enjoy better graphics and story line.

Also if you enjoy PVP, you want to be on a server with lots of players.  You could have more people that you can kill and torture.

Story line is probably the least important part of a good MMORPG.  However for the people who actually do enjoy role playing (RP).  This might be an important thing because you could play as a part of the story with other players.  One game that really came to my mind for story line is Mabinogi online.  However there are also many other MMORPG's with great storylines, but majority of them do not expand on it.  Rather, most game publishers simply creates  game settings and sucks the players into endless leveling, questing, and PvPing.

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