Complete Slayer Class Guide for high DPS - Battle of the Immortals (BoI)

Complete Slayer Class Guide for high DPS - Battle of the Immortals (BoI)

The Battle of the Immortals Slayers is a physical attack DPS class . Strong and killer slayers are focused on dishing out massive damage under a short period of time. Many of Slayer's skills are passive that boost players damage, these skills include the ability to increase your attack damage, attack rate speed, and your dexterity. In terms of the PVP capability, the Battle of the Immortals Slayer class is equipped with effective PVP skills such as sleep and snare which can control your opponents.

A well geared and built BoI Slayer is a force to be loved in the PVE field and feared in PVP field. This guide will help you to become a super slayer by helping you understand the stats, builds, end-game results, and skills of successful and effective killer Slayers.

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The Beginning - Stats and Builds
Stats of Focus
As a physical attack DPS class, your goal of being a Slayer is to increase your damage as much as possible in the world of Battle of the Immortals. To excel as a slayer, these are the main in-game stats that you need to find ways to boost:

Attack Rate: This is the rate in which you dish out your attacks. The more attacks that you can do within a period of time, the higher your DPS would be. This stats should be focused on because higher ended gears (Soul Gears) can slot in gems with high critical rate gems and there are no attack rate gems available.

Critical Strike Rate: This is the rate in which your attacks would result in a critical attack which results in more damage.

Evasion: Evasion becomes increasingly more important at higher levels because you will then start noticing a difference in actually dodging the attacks. However, at lower levels, you will still get hit by most of the attacks.

Accuracy: Accuracy is an important stat in the PVP area of the game by helping you being able to hit other opponents.

Dex: This is the de-facto best build for Slayers at end-game scenarios. Pure dexterity will guarantee Slayers to achieve highest possible Accuracy and Evasion.

Dex/Str: This is another possible build that is less loved, this build will help you achieve higher damage output at higher level without gears. However the advantage would lose out to Pure dex builds at later stages.

Str: This is a possible build only if you do not plan on playing the game very long. This build will result in higher damage output at earlier stages (Pre-Level 85), however at later stages when better gears become available, this build would become obsolete and is considered as weak.

End Game Slayers
End game scenarios is usually defined as level 85+. However, the truly powerful Slayer matures at level 100+ with highly upgraded Soul Gear with good gems. Slayers are the strongest and deadliest class in end-game because of its highest damage output, decent PVP control skills, and high dodge rate. However, fully planned out and upgraded/gemmed equipments are necessary and will definitely be expensive to obtain.

Slayer Skills
Before you reach level 70, you really only need the PVE skills which will help you with your leveling. Upgrade your passive damage skills first and follows with damage skills to level 6 through 8.

When you reach level 70 then the PVP skills will be helpful for you to get away from some other players attacking you or counter kill them.

At level 70, max out the new passive skills for attack rate percent and dexterity percent. These skills will increase your damage output, evasion, critical ability, and accuracy.

For the analysis of the usefulness of the BoI Slayers skills, you can check out Slayer Skill Analysis.
To know the exact cost, effect of each skills, you could visit my knol list at Slayer Skills Overview

To be a deadly and good Slayers in the Battle of the immortals, you need to have strong and aka expensive gears to be highly successful. Below are some of the guidelines that you can follow to obtain those gears.

Do not worry about putting gems in any gear below 60 Soul Gear because you out levels your equipments pretty fast compared to the time that you would spend to upgrade your lower level equipments

You should slot in high level critical and evasion gems in every possible gear, generally speaking you would need to have +3 gems or better. You could also consider HP gems to boost your HP to survive better in most situations. For the accuracy gems, they are not needed before level 100. You can hit most of the mobs without it, however at levels 100+ in PVP situations, you need the additional accuracy to be effective.

For weapons, focus on Critical and attack gems.
For other equipments, focus on evasion, critical, HP, and lastly accuracy gems being the least important.

Gear Fortification
You should save money for the major upgrades due for your level 100 Soul Gears. To be cost effective and save your coins, you could simply fortify your lower level gears to +4 and only get your level 90 weapon to +7. By level 100, you could spend most or all of your money to complete your level 100 Soul Gear to +10 or at least to +7 for 3 gem slots.

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In general, as a DPS class, your goal is to boost your damage as much as possible. Therefore you should have a high DPS pet that can deal great damages with you. Beside from the perfect quality and good growth that you want in a pet. Your pets should have the following Moods:

Naughty: Increases attack rate by 15%
Reckless: Increases Critstrike rate by 3%

Before level 50, you should use the best strength pet that could assist you with your general leveling. However you should not spend any significant money or coins in fortifying the pet because you will outgrow it very soon.

At level 50, go to Rainbow Valley and catch Emerald Dragon or Dark Pixie. You should aim for perfect quality and growth around 1700. After you have obtained your pet, you should boost it to +7 and fortify +7, use some fruit of growth on it and help it learn some damage increasing skills. This pet will be able to last you until level 70+ at least if not higher.

When you are about level 70, you can start planning to get your final end-game pet. Your ideal choices would be the Illusion Dragon or Zodiac... Again aim for perfect quality and this time growth around 2300-2400.

In terms of end-game pet skills:
Magic Damage Pets - Advanced Magery, Advanced Mobility, Advanced Flesh Ream, Advanced Illusion blade, Advanced Understanding and a good 6th skill of your choice.

Physical Attack Pets - Advanced Flesh Ream, Advanced mobility, Advanced Bash, Advanced Rampage, Advanced Toughness and a good 6th skill of your choice.

A final note on pet skills is that you could also plan on getting zodiac skills for your pets, but because these skills are rare and expensive, you should only plan this as the last step to master your team in the Battle of the Immortals.

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