Why Using Blogspot for Adsense is Great for Extra Income

Why Using Blogspot for Adsense is Great for Extra Income
Blogspot is a great income source if you learn how to monetize it. You could turn your existing readers into additional source of Adsense income. And if you are picking a place to start, I truly recommend Blogspot. Below I will list out some of the reasons why:

1. Easy Starting Templates
Blogspot has really easy starting templates that you can choose from. Because blogspot is so easy to get started, you can start earning fast with Adsense.

2. FREE to Use
Blogspot is powered by Google and it is completely free to use. This lowers your starting cost, you do not have to register your own domain. You do not have to pay for your hosting service. You do not have to pay for any softwares that goes with blogging. Blogspot has most of the functions at no cost to you. You have no bandwidth nor storage limitation neither! You cannot beat such a good deal.

3. Fast Adsense Sign-up
Adsense sign up process for some reason is especially fast with blogspot. Once you have completed a couple posts, you can apply for adsense, based on my experience. You will get accepted within 10 days or less. This beat out the application time that you would usually have with the normal process.

4. Zero down time
Blogspot is great in a sense that it had ZERO down time. With such a consistent service, you are ensured that your blog will be making money for you at all times.

5. Fast Loading Time
Blogspot is also very fast. Compared to some of the other web hosting services, the load time of Blogspot is way superior than the others. Because of the fast loading time, you ensure that your readers can get to your content fast without waiting.

6. Simple Setups
The setup is simple for Blogspot and adsense. You can learn the ropes fast and start earning with the service.

7. Potential Passer-by traffic
Lastly, blogspot has internal passer-by traffic where potential strangers can visit your blog. If you have noticed yourself, at the bar on top of your blogging screen. There is a reading bar where you can pick a random blog. Because your blog is placed on blogspot, there are times where you can get free traffic from people who are bored.

All these factors make blogspot an awesome starting point to start making money with Adsense. Good luck to you if you ever want to get started!

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