Do Not Give Up if You Are Earning Pennies with Adsense

Do Not Give Up if You Are Earning Pennies with Adsense
Never give up with blogging even if you are only making pennies with Google adsense. You will never become one of the great bloggers if you give up at an early stage.

Consider this stage of only earning pennies a learning process. The reason that you are only earning pennies can be contributed to a couple of reasons. You should never give up in learning and experimenting to earn more with your blog or gaming site.

Below are some of my tips to get you through the down turns – It helped me got through mine as well.

1. Create More Articles
When you are only earning pennies, it simply means that your writings are not good enough. You do not have enough readers. When you create more contents on your site, you have a greater potential of someone stumbling upon your site or blog. When you feel down because you are only earning pennies with adsense. Just write more! The more you write, the more chances of earning dollars with adsense.

2. Promote Promote Promote
When you are only making penny with Adsense, do not sit all day to refresh your adsense home page to see if you have made more. Use those valuable time to promote yourself in forums, on twitter and other social sites, or even network in real life. Never give up in promoting yourself and your blogging site.

3. Network
Network with other famous or known people. The more time that you network in the internet circle, the more well known that you will be. Once you become more well known, you are more likely to receive visitors. At the end, adsense is a numbers game. The more clicks that you have with adsense, the more money that you can make in the end.

4. Follow and Learn from Success Cases
When I feel down about not making enough money, I start searching on Google about other success stories. Reading about these stories keep me motivated. While doing so, I read about what they write about and I learn from them. As I progress, I feel that I am becoming more successful with more experience as well.

5. Adsense Pennies Add up into dollars
Look at the bright side, even though you are only making pennies per day. If you can make consistently 50 cents per day with Adsense, with an year, you will have roughly $180 dollars. It is really not bad considering that you can buy some really fun toys with it. Keep working at it and your earnings will grow into dollars everyday.

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  1. Indeed pennies add up into dollars. Everything takes time. In my opinion, to earn money from adsense, we really need to be highly motivated people, otherwise we'll become highly desperated people. So, let's be patient.