Monster Galaxy Beginner Tips

Monster Galaxy Beginner Tips
Below are some of the tips that I have compiled for you to refer to when you are first starting to play Monster Galaxy. These tips are based on the update as of 12-20-10. These tips may not apply at later time when the games gets updated further.

1. Save Your Starseeds
Starseeds are hard to come by in Monster Galaxy without spending real cash. You will get the majority of your Starseeds through quests and maybe a handful as winning loot drops. Save your starseeds for the stronger Mogas so that you do not have a team of weaklings.

2. Do Not Level Up Too Fast
Do go leveling crazy with your strongest Moga and having to wait insane numbers of hours for its health and attack points to recover. This tip goes in hand with my 6th. Slow down a little bit and level up the rest of the team so you can play continuously without interruption.

3. Zodiac Matters (or Not)
Zodiac attacks may be important in game but not really so as currently designed. You only have 5 zodiac attack points in game so the numbers are really relatively limited. You just have to note not to use Zodiac attacks for Mogas that you are weak against.

4. Grinding for Starseeds and Other Goodies
Once your Moga reach high enough level that it can kill low level Moga with one hit of its normal attack (the 15 attack points one). Consider migrating down and grind some battles to get additional starseeds. You can end the fights fast while gaining valuable starseeds for later Moga catching.

5. Always Complete Quests
Quests are very important in Monster Galaxy such that you get the majority of your Starseeds through quests. Always complete quests whenever you reach a new area so that you can continue with the rest of the quest tree. Do not let any quests go uncompleted.

6. Use High Level Moga to Babysit Low Level
Because high level Mogas have a really high nap time, it is essential for you to have a functional team while your high levels are napping. So spend some time to level your low level Moga. Do not start them from the beginning, use the high level Mogas to level up the low level ones fast and easy.

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