Ways to Get Neighbors on Market Street Facebook

 I personally used these methods to gain 20 plus neighbors within first day of playing. You can do it too.

1. Post on Forums
Post message on forums and topics that you want neighbors. Make sure that you post in various resources so it is more likely for people to add you as their neighbors.

2. Spam Your Friendlist
Spam your entire friend list once in a while. If you have a huge list, you may get some hits from time to time that people will end up joining.

3. Leave a message on blog posts
Leave a message of your contact information on blog post is an awesome way to get neighbors. Other people who are playing are also looking for neighbors, they are likely to search and stumble upon the same blog post. This is targeted users where you will both find great neighbors or let your self known.

4. Check Facebook Groups
There are many groups on facebook which are dedicated to market street. Consistently write about how much you want people to become your neighbors.

5. Always Pubslish Stories
Always publish stories whenever you give out gifts, advance levels, or complete new tasks. These give other players some little bonuses and also spread the word about your account.

6. Numbers Game
Like online dating (although Market Street is alot easier) Sometimes your requests will go unanswered either because people do not want you as neighbors, or they have enough. Do not worry, simply spread the word continuously and add as many people as you can. You will soon have plenty of neighbors.

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