Reasons of Having Neighbors on Market Street Facebook

Below I will discuss some of the reasons why you need to have as many neighbors as possible on Market Street. To claim some of these free coins, consistently check your facebook game status page. If the claimed coins are avilable, a button will show for you to collect any prizes.

1. Free Coins via Neighbor Visit
You can get free coins in a couple different ways via Neighbors. First you could visit your neighbor’s store on a daily basis for money that is proportional to your level. During this time, if you choose to publish the story while getting the money, your neighbor can also claim a prize of 250 coins.

2. Free Coins via Published Story “Lost Wallet Found”
When your neighbors clean up their store shelves after the merchandises have been sold. They sometimes will find lost wallets where they can choose to publish the story. These stories offer a nice coin bonus of 500 for the others who read it and claim it.

3. Free Coins via Published Story “Completed Quests” and “Level Ups”
Sometimes when your neighbors complete certain tasks and achieve level up, they can also publish stories in which you can claim nice coin prizes of 250 or 500. You should take advantage of these published stories to get extra coins.

4. Free Gifts
Neighbors can send each other free gifts that can then be sold. These gifts are nice additions to your money stash when you do get them. Because they are free, the amount of time required to get the money is relatively less. You do not have to pay for the restock nor do you have to wait for the merchandise to arrive.

5. Expansion Requirements
There are a few expansion requirements when you do want to expand the store area. Make sure that you have enough neighbors is important for the next expansion.

6. Be Competitive
A part of the fun of Market Street from Facebook is being able to compete with your friends. By becoming friends with your neighbors, you will know what levels and how much money each of you have. Have a little fun competition is great to push you further in this game.

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