Make Money In Online Game Simple and Easy

Make Money In Online Game Simple and Easy

Generally speaking, there are many opportunities to make lots of money in-game within a short period of time. Some of which are perfect legal, yet many of which are borderline illegal, and a few are absolutely illegal in most game publisher’s guide lines. Below I will hit some of the major ones that people use to make lots of money in their games. Many of these money making concepts are easy to understand.

These are how most players earn their fortune in the games that they are playing. These practices are perfectly legal and can serve as some simple and easy guide lines for you to make it rich in your online world.

1. Questing
Questing is one of the easiest way to get both money and items in MMORPG nowadays. The additional money and gold made from questing is almost always better than straight forward grinding, especially at the beginning of the game.

2. Trading or Merchanting
Many methods can apply to trading to gain a lot of money under a short period of time. I have written a detailed guide about the various methods to trade profitably in-game. For the detailed guide, read: Trade to Money and Profit in Online MMORPG

3. Saving and Be Frugal
Save the costs of pots and unnecessary equipments is the best way to make money. You make the money by saving it instead of spending. With the money saved, you could use it to buy more important equipments or start trading for profit.

4. Picking Up Every Little Drops
Little things adds up. Even if you just pick up pennies along the way, after countless hours of grinding, you will end up with a lot more money in your pocket. If the richest players in-game are traders, then the second group of rich players are the ones that pick up everything and sell them at decent prices.

5. Participate in Events
Game publishers host server events from time to time ranging from 2x drop rate, hide and seek, and PvP game plays. Make good use of those to get some extra in-game items. You can then sell thoes for decent profit for your time.

6. Selling Cash Shop Items
With F2P games having Cash Shop items all the time, they also make available for other players to sell those Cash Shop items in-game. If you have the money, spending cash to buy those items and resell for quick in-game money.

7. Trading Cash Points for In-Game Money
Some MMORPG even make the platform for players to trade their in-game points. Again if you have the cash, you can turn that around into in-game gold in a flash. You will be rich and swimming with in-game money in no time.

8. Gambling (Upgrade, Enchant, etc)
Gambling is always subject to great monetary rewards and losses. Be very careful if you do choose to upgrade or enchant heavily. You can make a lot of money fast, or lose them all fast as well.

Borderline Legal
These practices are borderline legal because most of the game publisher do not have time to oversee all of these from happening. They usually spend more of their efforts combatting the illegal section. So online game players use these methods often to get ahead and earn money fast in a dirty way.

1. Scam
There are various forms of scamming. The basic principal is that the scammers will either use deception and trust to trick other players into giving them money and items. Scamming can be applied to trading, leveling, and simply helping others. These con man and scammers exploit player’s trust to make money.

2. Steal
Some players make serious money simply by cleaning out another player’s account. Through social engineering or aka friendship trust or relationship trust, some players gain access to another’s account. Then the thieves simply steal everything. A lot of the money can be made this way.

3. Looting Other Player
When an item drops, if the system is poorly designed and you are faster than another. You can steal his rightful loot by picking it up faster. You can make decent money this way if you actually picked up a rare item.

4. Exploiting In-Game Bug
Exploiting in-game bug can be a risky thing. If you are the only one that knows about the bug and you exploit it, your account may get banned and your money will be lost. Or if you mass release the bug and many people use it, you may actually cause a server roll back. Typically if you do report it, it will still take a couple days before the companies can get to fixing it. During which time your private knowledge may become public anyways because some other people found that out.

1. Intentionallly Hacking the Game
It is usually 100% bannable when you change in-game files or packets in order to cheat in games. However, if you are smart, you normally would not get caught and you can transfer out the illegal money that you have gained.

2. Trading Money via Third Party Gold Sellers
You can buy golds from the trusted gold sellers, these companies are usually bot or Chinese farmers who outsourced to get illegal gold. You should be very careful when you go this route, you may get scammed or hacked. In addition, if the game company finds out that you have bought from online gold sellers, they may outright ban you account.

3. Third Party Botting Software
Botting is usually 100% bannable when you use third party programs to do so. Yet, if you are smart and make multiple accounts with different IP’s. It may take the game companies longer to catch you. In the mean time, you can decide to go legit and become one of the best players with the ill-gotten money that you have made.

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