Starting In Soul Masters Online - Simple Classes Overview

 Starting In Soul Masters Online - Simple Classes Overview

Soul Master Online hosted by GameCampus has officially started its OBT stage on 8-12. This simple guide will help you choose the character classes and advance in game. It should be noted that this guide is very simple with the goal of simply guiding you to choose the classes. I will write more detailed guides regarding for the classes for their units, skills, strategies, and gears.

This blog entry will be consistently updated as more classes are released in the future. Subscribe to me for the latest guides and information! I also write about other games in detail. This guide will discuss about different classes in Soul Masters, their specialties and weaknesses. This guide is a good start for those of who want to research a little bit before heading into a new game.

There are currently three classes available in Soul Masters.

Knights are the typical melee and tank classes of MMORPG's. They have the best base HP compared to other classes. Knights also wield weapons that can deal decent damage and wear heavy armors with the best Defense.

Highest HP and DEF compared to the other classes.
Low Cooldown time for skills.
Zerd the Beginner Unit has good burst damage output.

Close Range Attacks
May have hard time charging when you have greater numbers of units

You as a Bearcat, is a close to mid-range melee fighter.  You are quick and have attacks that are the strongest of the 3 classes currently released in Open Beta.

Wider Range of Attacks - can attack more enemies than Knights
Strongest Attack Damage
Hide can make you invisible for 10 seconds.

Lower Armor Defense and HP compared to Knights
Beginner Tier Units Typically Use Rush - Bearcat has to attack along with the units

Learn more about different Bearcat attacks by visiting Bearcat Combos and Skills Overview

The only magic casting class currently available in OBT. Like most typical supportive magical classes in other MMORPG games. This class typically has lower armor, weaker attack, but however can assist other teammates with supportive and healing skills.

As a priest, your main jobs include staying close to your teammates to support, checking for enemy invasion, and help disabling enemies with lightning when chasing them. However, your own safety is number one as a priest, because you mainly would be targeted in most of the battles due to your weaker defenses and healing abilities.

You should always try to have some stamina so you can run or teleport from enemies. Keep some potions ready in cases of emergencies.

Group Skills and Buff Skills that can Increase DEF
Ranged Attacks
Teleport Ability
Combos with Decent Damage

Low Armor Defense and HP
Weak Skill Damage Relative to Other Classes
Slow Attack Speed
Cannot Attack Multiple Enemies
Slowest Start in beginning of PvP Setting

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