Bearcat Combos and Skills Overview for Soul Masters Online

Bearcat Combos and Skills Overview for Soul Masters Online

Soul Master Online is an online game that merged both the Role Playing Game (RPG) and Real Time Strategy (RTS) elements.  It is hosted by GameCampus This simple guide will help you understand the skills and combos for the Bearcat class. This guide will help you to understand possible movements for you to excel in the game.

This blog entry will be consistently updated as more in-game skills and mechanics are released in the future. Subscribe to me for the latest guides and information! I also write about other games in detail. This guide will discuss about different classes in Soul Masters, their specialties and weaknesses. This guide is a good start for those of who want to research more about Bearcat Class before heading into the world of Soul Masters Online

You as a Bearcat, is a close to mid-range melee fighter.  You are quick and have attacks that are the strongest of the 3 classes currently released in Open Beta.

Basic Combo

1. Basic 4 step combo
Click your mouse in the direction you want to attack 4 times at moderate speed. You attack once with both of your claws, then strike the ground momentarily stunning your targets, and finally strike your enemies into the air. The first two attacks do half damage of the final two. For example: 1, 1, 2, 2

2. Rapid 6 step Combo
Click your mouse fast repeatedly while holding down the W,A,S,D keys in the direction you want to attack. This is a rapid hit combo.  It starts with quick multiple hits and ends in a quick thrust to throw back your opponent. The attacks do minimum damage until the Final hit.  For example: 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 4.

3. Sprint+Thrust
Run with your W,A,S,D keys and then click in the direction your running. Your Bearcat will run forward and strike with both hands and throw back the enemy.  This combo does decent damage.

4. Roll+Uppercut
Roll with your space bar and click WITHOUT pressing your directional keys. This move does moderate damage while knocking an enemy into the air.


Claw Swing - 12 Seconds Cooldown, Instant Activation
Attack and stun opponents at mid-range within a large area twice and deal decent damage. You lunge forth to grasp your enemies with red bloody claws.

Hide - 10 Seconds Cooldown, Instant Activation
You become invisible for 10 seconds. The cooldown counter starts after the Hide duration ends. While Hiding, you are undetectable to players and monsters where your aggro for monsters is reduced to none. It should be noted that you can still be detected by PvP buildings.

The hide skill is canceled when you are hit or if you attack.

Trap - 30 Seconds Cooldown, Instant Activation
You lay down three homing-claws that will track down and hurt the closest enemy that comes into range. The traps have short range. These traps will wait for an enemy to get close for about 15 seconds, which then would expire.

Burning Turn - 12 Seconds Cooldown, Instant Activation
You spin damage all enemies nearby by striking upwards in a circle. You finish the move by jumping a good distance in one direction.

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