How to Make Money In-Game for Aika Online

Aika is a online MMORPG game from Gala-Net. This guide will briefly describe the methods to make in-game gold.

1. Questing
2. Killing Normal Mobs
3. Instance Dungeon Farming
4. Network and Be a Full Time Merchant

1. Questing
Normal and Main Quest
This is one of the main way to make money in Aika because these quests reward players with instant gold. Complete all your quests while leveling can ensure the fastest leveling efficiency while generating enough gold for you to upgrade your equipments.

Repeatable Quest
These quests have a level cap as to when you can continue repeat the quests. You can maximize the amount of gold that you gain when you repeat the repeatable quests nonstop until you have reached the leveling cap.

2. Killing Normal Mobs
Mobs do not drop any gold directly
The developer of the game balances the item creation system by having all mobs drop materials only. The materials that are dropped regularly do not sell much to the NPC's. So players have to take advantage of other systems offered in game to make gold.

Kill mobs efficiently by targeting mobs 3~5 level below your current level
The game system punishes you for killing mobs that are 6 levels lower than your character by significantly lower your item drop rate and experience gain. So your best bet is to massive farm mobs that are slightly below your levels such you can kill efficiently without using any pots.

Rest instead of using pots
The game is designed such that you would recover your lost MP/HP by standing in one spot quite rapidly. So if you do not have any immediate risk of dying, save your money by conserve on pot use. This tip will be more effective at later game stage.

Stay Alive
In this game, you do not lose experience points by dying. However, your equipments will lose a good chunk of their durability which cost a bit to fix. Therefore, do your best to stay alive under all circumstances.

Sell the normal equipments only after you have repaired them fully. You will earn more by selling the fully repaired equipments to NPC's.

3. Instance Dungeon Farming
Hunt the Elite and Hell mode dungeons as much as you can with a group can net you good amount of gold under a short period of time.

4. Network and Be a Full Time Merchant
Make friends with people who might be able to support you and help you collect needed materials. If you have a good sense of how the market prices fluctuates, you can enlist the help of your friends to make money by buying low and sell high. I have written a comprehensive guide on how to make the maximum profit possible, visit  Trade your way to riches in any MMORPG – SkyBlue’s Game Trading Guide.

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