Aika Penalties for Dying

This Aika online guide will briefly describe what happens when you die in PVE (Player versus Enemy) or PVP (Player versus Player settings)

1. PVE (Player Versus Enemy)
2. PVP (Player Versus Player)

1. PVE (Player Versus Enemy)
Death from Mobs:
In normal field and instance dungeons, when you die while killing a field mob or boss. You do NOT lose any experience points. However you would lose a significant amount of armor durability which will cost alot to repair at higher levels. It will cost roughly $13,000 gold to repair for a set of level 48 equipments.

In addition, in instances dungeons such as Zant, Cabin, Hold, and Lost Mine, when you die, the Cleric has to resurrect you within 1 min or you would be automatically teleported out of the dungeon. There is no way to get back in other than using Cash shop item or pay a heavy amount of gold to buy it from other players.

Death from Counter Skill from mobs:
There are some bosses with counter skill in which player damage would be reflected back. In this situation when you die, you do not lose any armor durability points.

2. PVP (Player Versus Player)
When you die in PVP settings at the hands of other players, you will get a penalty "Dead man walking" that you will not receive any honor points for 2 minutes even when you kill other players.

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