General Used Terms and Acronym for Dragonica Online

General Used Terms and Acronym for Dragonica Online

Dragonica Online is a side scroller MMORPG which offers different versions depending on your region. This Dragonica guide will discuss the common acronyms and terms that are used in the game for the beginners. Many of the terms can make an average person go dizzy without knowing the mechanics of the game. However, depending on your region and translation, this blog post might not apply to your version of dragonica.

General and Forums
OP: Original Poster

PvE: Player versus Enemy. This refers to grinding/farming aspects of the game to level up your characters and skills.

PvP: Player versus Player. In general it involves any kind of Player versus Player game play, however in Dragonica PvP typically only refers to only 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and FFA scenarios.

FFA: Free For All. Refers to 3 or more players fighting against each other in the arena.

GvG: Group versus Group. This refers to multiple players combating other multiple players in a teamed match up. Most of the time this refers to 3 on 3, 4 on 4 or 5 on 5.

EW: Emporium War. This refers to the large scale Guild war.

DoT: Damage over Time.

DPS: Damage Per Second.

PLVL: Power Leveling. A higher level player helps the lower player level up faster by partying together.

Spell Chain: Chain different skills into a long combo of attacks.

Couple: Marriage.

Characters Related
BM: Battle Mage, one of the two second classes of the Mage branch.

WM: War Mage, the third class of the Mage Branch which follows after Battle Mage.

Myrm: Myrmidon, the third class of the Warrior Branch which follows after Gladiator.

Pally: Paladin, the third class of the Warrior Branch which follows after Knight.

Farm/Grind: Killing the same monsters over and over for exp, gold, items, or gears.

CD: Cool Down. The time in between how often the skills can be used repeatedly.

Runs: Usually used as a noun such as dungeon run. A cycle of a dungeon completion.

KD/KB/KU: Knock-Down, Knock-Back, Knock-Up. Referring to the target enemy's resulting effect after being attacked. Knock-Down means that the targets are knocked down onto their back. Knock-Back means that the targets are pushed away from the direction the original attack was coming from. Knock-Up means that the targets become airborne after the attack is done.

SP: Skill Points.

AoE: Area of Effect. Any kind of attack that can target multiple enemies at the same time.

Quests and Missions
MM: Mission Maps. Refers to F1-F4 missions place.

HQ: Hero Quests, the quests that goes along with the main story. It could also be class hidden story necessary for job changes.

F1-F5: Floor 1 to 5. Since you can't add Mission to the party name, people tend to go with Floor.

GQ: Guild Quests are daily quests that boost your guilds exp which can only be done once per day. You can attain extra abilities when your guild becomes higher level.

RQ: Repeatable Quests.

In-Game Locations
Angrakka: Second continent.

Hidden Maps: Maps that can only be reached via a scroll that drops from 3/4 star mission map bosses.

Chaos Realm or Map: You reach here via a special scroll that can only obtained by trading DSS with Elga the dragon. Elga can be located at the middle of towns, except the first one.

PoW: Port of Winds

HD: Hero's Descent. Also known as the last Sanctuary or the Sanctuary on the right of Beach (the bottom right corner).

TD: Assassin Ability - Throwing Daggers

DSD: Ninja Ability - Devil Storm Dart

CB: Assassin Ability - Claw Block

AAS: Anti-Air-Shot - Archer Skill

HEG: Ranger Ability - Heavy Explosive Grenade

RPG: Ranger ability

Vegabond: The first boss in the game.

Akazi: The second boss in the game.

Ferral: The boss of the Sewer dungeon in Port of Winds. You must kill to job advance as well as for a hero quest.

Rocker: Chief Rocker, same map as Lavalon.

Crocker: Chaos Chief Rocker.

Lavalon: The boss you have to kill to get third job.

Hookah: The MM boss at beach.

Alvida: The MM boss at Nautilus.

NL: Night Lord. The MM boss at the right portal of Hero's Descent.

Artis: The MM boss at Hero's Descent.

DSS: Devil Soul Stones which are used to get into the Chaos Realm.

FP: Friends Points, you trade this into one of the old NPCs in each town for EXP (1:1 ratio). Costs gold to trade.

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