Dragonica Class Overview - Class Tree and Brief Discription

Dragonica Class Overview - Class Tree and Brief Discription

Dragonica Online is a side scroller MMORPG which offers different versions depending on your region. This Dragonica guide will discuss the class choices that will become available to the players. You should choose one class that suits your game play style the most.

This guide is a good place to start and understand the strengths of each class. Choosing the right class for you is important because otherwise you might hate the game play at later stages. However, depending on your region and game version, this blog post might not apply to your version of Dragonica.

Class Tree:
First Class: Warrior
Path 1: Gladiator -> Myrmidon
Path 2: Knight -> Paladin

First Class: Magician
Path 1: Battlemage -> Warmage
Path 2: Priest -> Shaman

First Class: Archer
Path 1: Ranger -> Grenadier
Path 2: Hunter -> Pathfinder

First Class: Thief
Path 1: Trickster -> Harlequin
Path 2: Assassin -> Ninja

Simple Class Overview
- Great AoE stun
- Very high attack damage
- Summon kicking blonde Bruce Lee which is cool

- Great PvP class
- Skills can reflect damage
- Tanker class with great HP and DEF

- Great AoE damage that can sweep mobs efficiently
- Good in team PvP and EW which can annoy other players with its powerful spells

- Great healing skills makes it easy to use
- 2nd best DPS makes it easy to level
- Great boss killers

- great PvPer with fast movement speed and great combo capability

- Cool skill animation
- Challenging class to master
- Invisible skill
- Summon cool tank

- Invisible skill
- Weak at earlier stages
- PvP specialized class
- Great boss killer

- Kill mobs efficiently with great DPS
- great PvPer
- Easy to level up and easy controls

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