Existing Resources for Dragonica Online for Other Versions

Existing Resources for Dragonica Online for All Versions

Dragonica Online is a side scroller MMORPG which offers different versions depending on your region. This Dragonica guide will list out the current resources available for you at other information or Fan sites. 

It should be noted because different regions have different versions of Dragonica.  Many of these fansites may provide false or outdated information for your server.  You should still use sound judgement and your version forum to double check on any information provided.

Because there are so many guides out there, you should try to find one with the version that is the closet to yours and focus on forum resources.  My blog is great because my format is consistent and hopefully you can find the information you need quite easily. It should be noted that other than the official websites, English is the primary language that I have attached for all the wiki and forum resources.  I have excluded all other languages such as Chinese, German, and others.

Wiki-like Resources
Wikia Gaming for Dragonica
MMO Gaming Network Wiki for Dragonica
Dragonica Onlineworld Published by Ign
GGftw Wiki for Dragonic

Forum Resources
THQ*ICE Dragonica Online Official Website (North America) Forum
IAHGames Official Dragonica Forum
WarpPortal (Gravity)'s Official Forum - Gravity will be taking over the publishing right of Dragonica for North America
European Dragonica Official Forum (Europe)

Other Versions Official Websites
THQ*ICE Dragonica Online Official Website (North America)
Chinese Dragonica Official Website

European Dragonica Official Website (Europe)

IAHGames Dragonica Official Website (International)

Korean Dragonica Official Website

8interactive Dragonica Official Website (Simplified Chinese)

Taiwan Dragonica Official Website (Traditional Chinese)

Barunson Interactive

Other Resources
Dragonica MMOsite
Dragonica MMOsite Database
My Dragonica Fansite

Yuffiie's DRAGONICA - IAHGames Dragonica GM's Blog
The Dragonica Insider

Hope these links would help you with your research for the optimal gameplay and leveling.  Good luck in the world of Dragonica!

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