School Lessons Offered in Frontierville

School Lessons in Frontierville
I have chosen to opt out the requirements or material requirements for these lessons. I figured that as long as you have a healthy amount of neighbors and friends. Collecting these would not be a problem. What you should focus on is to get the bonuses that are most suitable to your needs.

Various bonuses are given from the school lessons:

Level 1:
Show and Tell: 10% Greater chance at getting collectibles
Yard Word: Clearing debris 10% might not cost energy
Canning: More food from all crops and fruit trees
Health Education: Max Energy increased by 5
Early to Bed: Energy replenishes 15 seconds quicker
Hunting: More resources from varmints
Writing: Hire an extra neighbor per day

Level 10:
Wood Cutting: Trees yield 25% extra wood when cut down
Rithmatic: 5% Discount at the market

Level 15:
Recess: 2 Max Energy increased
Husbandry: 50% More coin from feeding animals

Level 20:
Share Cropping: Extra XP for helping friends
Inn Keeping: 1 More visitors allowed at one time on your homestead

Level 25:
Irrigation: 20% more coin from crops

Level 30:
Harvesting: All crops harvest for one extra XP

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