Quest to Buy New Computer - Introduction

Quest to Buy New Computer - Introduction
After playing Facebook games for a couple months now, I am beginning to realize the need to buy myself a new computer. I have not bought any computer seriously in a long time. My last new computer was built by a friend 4~5 years back, so I have been out of the loop quite a bit. Yet I do want a new computer and I do want to be able to buy the perfect one for myself. Therefore I will start a quest to go through different ideas on to buy a new computer. I will share what I have found during my research in my blog.

Because of my limited funding, I am going to try to buy the best laptop possible for my budget. I plan to buy a new computer laptop 1 year away from now where I have completely gotten a grasp of the different technology offered…Either that or I make enough money off this little blog to buy one without worrying about my budget.

I think buying a laptop is hard. Because all these different major stores sell different laptops with different specs, I realized that it is a really hard task to buy the best laptop at the best prices. Let alone with all these deals that come out consistently. There are simply too many options to consider.

So, I am educating myself about the best ways to buy a new laptop computer. I will share what I have found during my research. Hopefully these research and ideas can help you finding a perfect laptop for yourself too.

Also if you are an experienced computer laptop buyer, please do share your thoughts and I will happily learn from your ideas!

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