How to Win More Battles in Mighty Pirates

How to Win More Battles in Mighty Pirates
There are a few major ways that you can do before heading into battles for Mighty Pirates. By following these tips, you have greater chances of winning the battles and earn those treasure maps!

1. Upgrade Your Ships
Make sure that you upgrade your ships with the items that grant you the most HP. HP is key in Mighty Pirates. By having more health points for your ships, you can withstand more attacks while dishing out more damage.

2. Upgrade Your Cannons
Upgrade the cannons to the highest damage ones that you can afford. Typically you want to go with the ones with the most damage given that you have enough crews to boost your accuracy. Upgrade the cannons to the max to deal the most damage to your enemy ships in mighty pirates.

3. Use Triple Cannon Head as Strategy
Triple Cannons deal less damage but can do more fire damage over time if your enemy is not fire resistant. However, this is a tough call because if your Mighty Pirate enemy ship is fire resistant, you will be at a greater disadvantage. Yet, the fire resistant ships typically have less HP than the non fire resistant ones.

4. Recruit Crews
Add your friends as mateys to fill up your numbers of crews. Remember to walk the prank for the lower levels so that you can fill in higher level players with the stats that you desire. The more people you add, the more attack, defense, and accuracy that you will obtain by assigning them to different jobs in Mighty Pirates

5. Choose Your Enemies
At the beginning, it is pretty easy to tell which ships are weak (the smaller ships). When you are just starting out, pick fights with enemies that you think you can win easily. There’s no need to fight tougher people because you get the same amount of rewards.

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