Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Review
Game Mechanics: 7/10
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a traditional turn-based RPG with basic random world encounters. It uses tried and true game mechanics to the major RPG’s that you are familiar with. Similar to its predecessor, its leveling pace is quite easy that you should not run into any problems as both a casual and semi hard core RPG player. As a hardcore player, you may find the game a bit less challenging. Overall, no major alterations have been made to the formula.

Unique Feature: 9/10
One unique feature that is true to the Golden Sun series is the introduction of Djinn’s. By utilizing different Djinn’s through out your game play, you could unlock the true power and potential of your character. You could also use Djinn’s to unleash them for special powers which could render them useable for some time. This brings a strategic element to the Dark Dawn game play. Djinns from the Golden sun series are a particular element that I enjoyed throughout the game.

Puzzles: 10/10
The puzzles element in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is pretty much like its predecessor. They make the game interesting because you would need to utilize different methods to pass further in game. I truly enjoyed this part about Golden Sun.

Graphic: 9/10
Golden Sun has always brought use the full potential of the hand held system. In the case of Gold Sun: Dark Dawn, they have mastered the Nintendo DS system. The graphic is great in detail in terms of the system power. The attacks and all the summons are smooth and both eye catching and pleasing.

Music: 7/10
The music is one element that can be missed. Although there are indeed a few catchy tunes in game, not all of the sound tracks are great or memorable.

Replay Value: 7/10
The replay value of Dark Dawn is not great. Unless you have missed a Djinn and cannot get it later. You may want to replay it again in order to obtain every Djinn in game.

Guide Requirement: 9/10
I place guide requirement as quite high, however it is only for the Djinn’s that you might have other wise missed without a guide. However, the game play itself is simple enough that you will be able to beat Golden Sun: Dark Dawn without the use of the game. However, if you are trying to get everything in game without having to replay it the second time, follow a guide and make sure that you do not miss anything, especially Djinn’s.

Overall: 9/10
Overall I give Golden Sun: Dark Dawn a 9 out of 10. I highly recommend you to play this game and give it a try. Although it does use the tried and true formula of traditional rpg’s. The developer has designed and executed this creation beautifully. It was a great experience of playing it.

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