The Best Crime City XP Boost Item Analysis

The Best Crime City XP Boost Item Analysis
Two kinds of experience boost items exist currently in Crime City. These items offer different XP boost durations at different cost. If you have decided to buy these items to boost your leveling speed in Crime City. Continue reading to get the most bang out of your buck.
Below is a chart of the items currently available.

Crime City Experience Boosts Table
                               Cost   Total     XP Boost 
Item                          (Gold) XP Boost   /Gold
Hand to Hand Training (2 hrs)   13   50%         7.7
Hand to Hand Training (8 hrs)   26   50%         15.4
Hand to Hand Training (24 hrs)  53   50%         22.6
Hitman Training (2 hrs)         20   100%        10.0
Hitman Training (8 hrs)         64   100%        12.5
Hitman Training (24 hrs)       108   100%        22.2

Based on the chart, use this method to determine which is the best XP gain for your bucks.
1. The Hitman Training 100% is Twice more Expensive with Twice the Effect
2. The longer duration boosts are not that much more efficient than the shorter duration ones. For example, for the 24 hours duration one, you need to play more than roughly 14 hours to get more boosts compared to if you simply bought the 8 hours one along.

Final Thoughts:
Unless you plan on playing for 14 hours straight, do not get the 24 hours hitman training XP boosts.

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