Ways to Promote and Advertise Your Fansite

Ways to Promote and Advertise Your Fansite

So you have made a fansite with many useful information that you think will help your fellow players. However, you simply do not have any visitors to your fansite. Now you are stumped and do not know what to do. Below I will list out some methods that you could consider to promote and advertise for your fan site.

1. Official In-Game Forums
Be active in the official in game forums to answer player questions periodically. Include your links both in the post and in your signature whenever you post something. Even if you post later gets outdated and pushed down the list. If you answer some popular topics and people later search for those keywords, they will still see your link and will most likely visit it.

2. Major Game Site’s Message Boards and Forums
Post your fansite or blog’s link on major gaming forums such as Gamefaq.com or MMORPG.com. By having different links on these forums, you can get more visitors who will stumble on your blog.

3. Encourage Reposting
Encourage your visitors to repost your guides or your information with direct link back to your blog or fansite. By having these additional word-of-mouth connections, you will be getting more traffic.

4. Social Networking Sites such as Twitter or Facebook
Be active in social networking communities such as Twitter or Facebook to draw more traffic who might visit your site. Consistently tweet and update your status when you have written additional articles.

5. Proper SEO (Search-Engine Optimization) Techniques
Although you do not need to really completely understand and master search optimize your fansite. You should still use proper URL address, titles, and use your key words through out the information that you have written. For example, if you are writing a guide for a specific MMORPG, it is a good idea to use the MMORPG name as a part of the URL. You want to be ranked high when it comes to search engine results, these additional visitors via search are a good boost to your traffic.

6. Ask Your Other Social Networks to Promote
You could use your other networks to help you promote your fansite. For example, if you are a member a big guild with hundreds of people, by advertising your fansite to your guild, you automatically have hundreds of visitors. If you ask them to share your fansite’s links on their own individual blogs or Facebook if they have one, you will potentially get a lot more visitors to get the ball rolling.

7. Paying Money to Advertise
I do not really encourage this method because you have already spent enough money to get your fansite started. You typically do not make money off paid advertising unless you are selling some sorts of service. In addition, the keywords for your gaming fansite would be highly paid keywords. So consider it carefully if you do decide to use paid advertising service such as Google.

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