Recruit Guild Members By Saying These Key Points

Recruit Guild Members By Saying These Key Points

When you are recruiting for active members. It is important to be upfront about what you are expecting members to do as a Guild leader.

1. Explain Your Guild's Goals
When you share your grand vision with your future recruits. These perspective members can think for themselves whether or not their goals match with yours. People often leave guilds when they feel that the guild is simply not for them.

2. Explain Why You Want Them to Join
Think about the reasons why you want particular groups of players to join. Do you need their class? Their expertise? Or having fun with them around. If you can give them a reason to join, most likely they will join your guilds because they would feel needed.

3. Level or Gear Requirements
Many times when you have a more dedicated guild, you would require members to obtain specific levels or gears to prove that they are serious about the game. If you do have these requirements, try not to recruit lower level people because they would end up being left out when you play in a higher level place.

In addition, if you do plan on recruiting lower level members, you should be upfront that your guild does host particular events with certain level requirements. If you are upfront about these details, your future members are likely feel left out. Instead, they will work harder to be able to play with the rest of the groups.

4. Explain additional requirements
If you expect the people to be on for x numbers of hours on daily basis, you should be upfront about it as well when you are first recruiting. Instead of kicking players for inactivity, let them know what you expect. Most of the time people would not join if they understand that their lifestyle does not suit your guild.

Guild meeting is also a biggie, explain if you expect people to have "characters" physically being in one place while having these meetings. You should list out the things that you and your guild do before recruiting members. By having requirements that people did not expect originally, is a cause for people to leave your guilds.

Finally, it is important to consistently getting new bloods in your guild. Yet it is even more important to keep the talents that can continuously contribute to your guild without losing them. As a guild leader, you are the lynchpin whose primary job is to hold everything together without breaking.

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