Make Money Online By Writing Video Game Guides

Make Money Online By Writing Video Game Guides

Do you play online games and people always say that you cannot make money from it? Sure you are not the game publish company or you are no designer, but you are good at playing. Now how do you get paid by doing something that you love. You will get paid by sharing your knowledge and get an audience who will listen to you.

Writing is a great way of making money online. If you really love about a certain game and you are an expert at who knows everything about it. Spend the time to write a detailed guide that people would read can generate you some money.

Although Video game topics usually generate you very little income. You could always post your knowledge on sites such as Squidoo, HugPages and Google Knol. On these sites you do not spend too much time tweaking your site and you could start earning as soon as you finished your guide.

You could always thinking about starting a dedicated blog which you can monetize to start earning money. If you have more time and knowledge, you could even start your own dedicated site...Site like is a full time job of another person who loved video games. Yet I bet it was alot of hardwork involved in what he has achieved.

Although it is alot more tempting to spend more time in your game, you should always think of ways to make money from what you already know. By providing what you know to the people who are interested, you will be financially rewarded by it.

Good luck if you do choose to start writing for make it money online!

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