Leveling In Market Street Facebook Fast and Easy

You are either competing with your fellow friends or simply want to catch up with your fellow neighbors. You are trying to find the best way to gain EXP fast to level up. Below I will go over some steps for the fastest leveling, however this process does take work and consistent monitoring of your game and may be boring as hell.

Hard Way
1. Convert all your displays as Tables
The best items to gain EXP are from the 3 minutes delivery items because they offer quick turnaround time. Make sure you convert all your display into tables for the best effect.

2. Order the 3 Minute Items
These items are the Black Sunglasses, striped Tie, Computer Mouse, and Can of Paint.

3. Put them On Display Table – Single Stack Only
Put them as Single stacks so the items get sold quicker. You gain additional 20 EXP per every cleaning. Plus you have a chance to find lost wallets.

4. Clean the shelf and Restock As Often As Possible
Every single restock nets you 40 EXP plus 20 EXP for cleaning for every 4 minutes. Therefore you gain 15 EXP per minute per display. Therefore with 10 displays, you will gain 9000 EXP per hour theoretically.

5. While Monitoring Your Store
Assist customers with questions for 45 EXP a pop. Catch thieves for 180 EXP

Easy Way
1. If you have a lot of Coins or Crowns that can be converted
You can buy and sell the $250 decorations for 10 EXP a piece. You can then resell it back for $125. Which means that it is $125 for every 10 EXP. If you can click fast enough. You can gain lots of EXP under a short period of time. If you are richer and do not care about money, you could buy and sell higher cost items for even faster EXP gain.

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