Legend of Edda Review and Game Play Video

Legend of Edda Review and Game Play Video

SkyBlue's Legend of Edda Online Review
Legend of Edda is a 3D, fantasy MMORPG with anime-inspired "chibi style" graphics. Legend of Edda has in-depth class and job system which offers players different paths of customization. The game offers instance dungeons, realm vs realm PvP features which the player based are splitted into two different realms - the Titans and the Olympus.  At higher levels it offer fast paced combat, however the game play may be a bit slow at the beginning.

It does currently have poor English translation and the graphic style might not appeal to those of which are used to "realistic" style.  However, for the people who love anime themed MMORPG's. They should definately try Legend of Edda out.

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