Be a Fair Guild Leader by Following These 5 Key Steps

Be a Fair Guild Leader by Following These 5 Key Steps

To have a strong, dedicated, and active guild is every online mmo guild leader’s dream. It takes massive amount of leadership, patience, and hard work to group together a great team of players. One of the most important thing that a guild leader to learn, is how to be fair to all of its members. Below I will discuss some of the major points:

1. Split of Loots
Most players join guilds hoping to get better gears and loots through partying with the guild. As a guild leader, make sure that you split the loots that you obtain evenly, if you do not, your members will soon catch on and wanting to leave because you are not fair.

2. Execution of Rules
A successful guild cannot exist without a set of rules that all members follow. Execute your rules fairly without playing favorites to your certain members. If you continuously play favorites, most of your members will soon ignore the rules that you have in place.

3. Assignment of Roles
Be fair when you delegate some of the jobs for your guild members to do. Observe and make good use of their qualifications. Give them the jobs only if they are suited and that they want to do. If you ask nonqualified players to do certain things, your other members will start to think that you are unfair.

4. Setup of Guild Events
Create events that are typically assesible to all of your guild members. If you consistently only make the events or raids available to certain members. You will be considered as unfair to the rest of your guilds.

5. Watch the Way and Tone
Be careful when you talk to guild members too. Sometimes you need to be more neutral when you deal with the everyday communication, if you do not communicate in a fair and neutral way. Your members will think that you do play favorites, even if you did not intend to do so.

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