Buy a Gift For Your Online Girlfriend in MMORPG

Buy a Gift For Your Online Girlfriend in MMORPG

You have an online girlfriend from the MMORPG that you are playing. You are very happy with her and she has been in a relationship with you for the past couple months. Now another anniversary or Christmas is coming up. You are thinking of buying some things for her. What should you do?

Below I will provide some tips for you that can make both of you happy.

1. Take Notes
Has she said anything about any cute or useful gears that she wanted but unable to buy? Has she mentioned anything about tired of leveling or she keep on dying? These are the notes that you should be tentative with and take notes.

2. Buy gifts based on her needs
Buy the items that will help her to go through all her game’s needs is a great way of showing her that you do care about her and wellbeing.

3. Buy gifts based on sentimental values
You could look back at what has happened between you and your online girlfriend. You could purchase or collect items that may bring back good memories. These items may be passes into dungeons, collection of loots dropped by monsters where you first met each other. Be creative! It is the heart that counts!

4. Consider Using Money to buy Cash Shop Items
If you have the spare cash and you do not buy her cash shop items often, considering taking out your wallet. Buy some really cute hat gears, mounts, or the useful 2x exp cards. Purchase items based on what you think she needs. When it comes to gift giving, it is good to have an element of surprise.

5. Maybe Send Her Real Life Gifts
Take your chance and ask her if you can know her address. Buy a real gift and ship it to her to show that you am serious with her and really want to be with her. However, you should only do this after playing with your girlfriend for a considerable amount of time. Typically most people want to keep their online affairs, online. Therefore, be careful about how you ask her for her home address.

Good luck with your online gift giving and dating.


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