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Bring easy to access information such as Guides and Tables to all players for online games, specifically MMORPGs.

Current MMORPG's:
Aika Online by Gpotato
Battle of the Immortals by Perfect World

Who is SkyBlue:
Frank, a.k.a. SkyBlue, uses many aliases in the online games that he plays, however SkyBlue is his all time favorite.  He decides to name his MMORPG blog after his favorite aliase because this makes him feel right at home.  He has a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and is an avid gamer who loves a good challenge.  He believes that all hardcore gamers should conduct good research before heading into any MMORPGs. 

On the Web:
I also make a duplicate of most of my writings on Google Knol under the author name Frank Lee.  However, this blog is my main focus where I make a diligent effort to link across my different posts for easy browsing.

Past Online Games:
Below is a list of online games that I have played "hardcored" where I have played 10+ hours a day on a consistent basis.  I apologize if I did not play the games that you may have played.  I only have 24 hours a day and it takes quite a bit of time to become the top at the game of your choice.  I only played a specific 1 or 2 games at a time and never more.

I will also add a little detail about these pasts to see if it might resonate with some older players. I am proud to say that I have never botted or cheated in any of the online game that I have played seriously.  I am playing less now because I am shifting my focus in writing helpful guides to other players without putting in the effort to level myself.

2000 - 2002.  Yahoo! Towers and Neopets.
Yahoo! Towers: I consistently obtained one of the highest ratings which is about 2800~2900.  I used the aliase BoomBoomFire because I was also into DDR music at the time.
Neopets:  I somehow discovered some bugs that made my pets really strong under a short period of time.  I obtained a few1k+ HP pet within a span of 1 week.  It was a glitch that deals with inventory and quests.  With some threats from Adam (Neopets team head at the time, I do not know about now), I assisted Neopets in fixing and limiting the glitch.  I then quit the game and moved to other games.

2003-2006. RagnarokOnline.
This is a period of time that I have played RO exclusively during iRO's peak sa well.  I have played in all three official servers at the time.  I have obtained level 99 on several characters and was the guild leader of Dreams in Iris.  I made a personal choice between quit playing and graduate college or failing and drop out. I chose the first option and obtained my college degree.

2006-2008. Random Games - Maple Story and Trickster Online.
During this times I played most of the games casually while focusing on school.  However I rushed leveling for Trickster Online for 1 week or 2 when it came out and was one of the first 10 people to hit level 100.

2008: Mabinogi Online
I played this game hardcore for about 6 months where I became one of the top player.  I created the guild Dreams where we had a few of the top levelers in game.  However, I started to feel empty with the "Fantasy Life" and decided to get a real life.  I then quit and got my current lovely girl friend.

2009 - 2010: Now
I only play most games casually now, meaning that I am not rushing for top levels or best gears.  However, I am starting to write about what I know about the game to help new and old players alike to become better at this great hobby.  I do play all the MMORPG's that I write about.

My Personal Bias:
I like damage output classes more than the tanks and support.  I like to kill enemies under a short period of time.  However, in choosing between DPS and AoE...I like AoE better because I like the thrill of mobbing big number of monsters.  I like the situation of either kill or be killed. However, with RagnarokOnline, I do have experiences handling all class types such as Tanks, Support, and Assist because I have brought several classes to level 90 or higher.

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