Top Reasons to Leave a Guild

 Top Reasons you hear Players Leaving guild.

After being a guild leader for a while. You begin to hear all sorts of reasons of players leaving you ;p. Below are some of the reasons. Some of which are perfectly valid. Yet many of them are plain childish and immature.

What other excuses or reasons have you heard of?

I leave guild because...
1. Guild Leader does not want lend me Cash.
2. Guild Leader and Guild-mate don't want help my girl friend leveling up.
3. everyone hates us.
4. I just want to solo grind.
5. I want to make my own guild.
6. no one wants to party me.
7. work is killing me.
8. school is killing me.
9. girlfriend is killing me.
10. parents are killing me.
11. I ask for cash/items/gold and no one GAVE me.
12. someone in Guild ask mes to chill when I got into an argument
13. I died in dungeon and no one waited for me.
14. I am quitting game.
15. I found another game.
16. I am joining my girlfriend's guild.
17. No one talks in guild.
18. I want to PvP more.
19. This other guild in more l33t
20. someone in guild scammed me
21. I do not give a damn
22. I scammed someone in guild and I am taking off
23. I get nothing out of it
24. I want to level more before joining you
25. I hate you guys

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  1. 26. There are like 2 active players

    Seriously.. I had that XD