Soul Craft: Unseal and Remove Curse for Your Equipments in Dragonica Online

Soul Craft: Unseal and Remove Curse for Your Equipments in Dragonica Online

Dragonica Online is a side scroller MMORPG which offers different versions depending on your region. This Dragonica guide will explain how to unseal and remove curse from your equipment by using the soul craft function in-game.

It should be noted because different regions have different versions of Dragonica. The exact game mechanic might be different depending on the patch version. However, they should all be similar with each other.

Soul Stone Extraction
You can obtain "Souls" via the Dissemble Function that you see on the bottom left of your inventory window.

Depending on the type of equipments, the number of Souls that you get per dissemble are different. With weapons generating the most soul pieces and accessories offer the least. However it should be noted that sometimes it might be cost-effective to NPC the weapons for money for higher level equipments. It depends on the current market price per each stack of Soul pieces.

The number of soul pieces you get for different equipments.
Weapons > Chest Piece > [Head, Shoulder, Bottom, Hand, Feet] > Accesories

Unseal Your Equipment Using Seal Removal Scrolls
You could trade Seal Removal Scrolls from the Soul Craft NPC's. It costs 3 Souls for one seal removal scroll.

After you finish trading with the NPC, you should have the Seal Removal Scroll inside your inventory under Consumables Tab. You could then use the item and select your equipment to unseal.

Upon unsealing the equipment, the equipments will then have additional stats which can further power your character. Different kind of equipments have different stats that they can boost.

Uncurse Items
When items are cursed in Dragonica Online, although they can be equipped, their base stats are rendered useless. To make the equipments usable, you need to go through the uncurse process by talking to the Soul Craft NPC.

You will then be required to spend some numbers of Souls and Money in order to uncurse your equipments.

There IS a chance that the process might fail where you will lose your Souls and money. However you do NOT lose your items.

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