Improve and Fix Your Lag Problem - Disable Nagle Algorithm

Improve and Fix Your Lag Problem - Disable Nagle Algorithm 
Nagle's algorithm, named after John Nagle will reduce the number of packets that need to be sent over the network.   Originally it was created as a means to improve the efficiency of TCP/IP networks.  It is bad for some of the online games because it will overlook some of the packets (clicks) generated by players. In most Windows version, the algorithm is turned ON automatically. 

What the algorithm does is to wait for more packets to be realized and send them in batch. This can conserve system resources and improve system efficiency.  Yet, this cause troubles when gamers want as little package to be little as one click. Therefore, this algorithm increases response times significantly because the servers will take longer to recognize your input.  You want to disable the Nagle algorithm.

Below is a video done by VladiKun in Youtube which explains how to disable Nagle algorithm which can potentially fix your lag problems.

1. Run Regedit
2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Serv­ices\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfac­es\
4. Add a DWORD named TcpAckFrequency. This is Case Sensitive. If it is already there, skip to step 5.
5. Set the Value of the DWORD to 1
6. Reboot your PC


  1. Thanks for giving information.It's very useful tips for beginners.When i had a lag problem while playing online game,i followed your tips.After that i checked my lag rate whether it's low or high using I got good results.