5 Background Check for Girlfriend In-Game that You Should Do

More and more online games offer systems such as Marriage or "Lover" System to encourage in-game relationship among their players. It is great in a sense that you can get some romance on something that most dedicated players spend most of the time on. However, there are also many traps or mistakes that players often do.  The following will teach you some of the basic background checks that you should conduct for any female players, especially when you are considering wooing her as your in-game girlfriend.

1. Gender
Check the girl is really a girl like she claims. This is your first and the most important step. Many MMORPG’s let people create male and female characters freely. This means that the girl whom you think is a girl, may actually be a dude. You are set for heartbreak and disgust if you have been flirting with a person…whom later on you found is a guy. Check and confirm if they are girls first!

Even after you have confirmed that she is a girl, always have second doubts as well. The person behind the character may have tricked you for other reasons – Gold digging, faster leveling, spying, etc. He could have simply used his sister, girlfriend, etc to make you think that he is a girl!

2. Age
Check the girl’s age. It is impossible to tell how old people are while playing in a MMORPG. Therefore, it is important to ask ahead of time to make sure that you are pursueing a girl suitable for your age and taste. Generally speaking, you should at least pursue girl of legal age especially when you are older. Things do go wrong and can go wrong when you are not careful.

Parents are usually not nice to a random guy coming for a visit with alcohol in hand, whom their daughter met in an online-game. You do not want to be labeled as a pedophile and have that stay on your record. Other than that, it all depends on your taste.

3. Location
Check the general location of where the girl lives. This is a very important step before you proceed further. First there is the time-zone issue. You cannot develop a relationship if you are never on the game at the same time. Furthermore, it is not likely for you to ever meet her in person if you are living in California and the girl is living all the way across the ocean in Europe. Even if you can afford the cost of traveling and can withstand only seeing the girl once every while, it is not cost-effective.

In addition, even if you believe that you do not need intimacy at all. You need to understand that if this in-game relationship develops into real-life relationship. It would still be a long distance relationship. What would you do together as a couple when the game is over? You could always talk on the phone and about the future, etc. It is hard neverthless. Check where she lives first and save all this hassle.

4. Gaming Dedication Level
MMORPG online gamers play the game on different dedication levels. You want to be with someone who plays at the same level as you. If you are more dedicated, you will end up being on the game alone most of the time. Your character level becomes higher and higher relative to the girl. Your girl will then fail at the critical situations such as important dungeon runs, PVP fights, and etc.

Make sure the girl of your choice has similar dedication also helps if later you want to upgrade the relationship to real level. You do not want your girlfriend nagging on you all day long for playing to much. It is better to have that girl playing the game with you!

5. Singleness
Check if the girl is single or not, both in-game and out of game. You should never go after a girl without knowing whether or not she is single. By knowing this fact, you can either prepare for a long battle if the girl is really worth it, or just stop right at the beginning. Typically, you do not want to pursue a girl who is already with another guy in an online setting. You do not want to get PKed in real life if somehow the boyfriend or husband find out who you are and where you live.

6. Personal History in games
Check the girl's history by asking around about the guilds or groups that she had belonged to. Although you should not make it too obvious, but you should find more about the girl before actively pursuing her. Is she a gold-digger, drama-queen, or two, three timers? All these are important things that you need to know.

These background check tips should help you get a better in-game girlfriend that will both save your headache and heartache in any MMORPG. Good luck!

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